The Weather Report

ADG Laus 2023

The Weather Report

Magazine Design

  • Lia Araújo
  • Mads Vine
  •  MED 22

A magazine in tune with our inner weather. The Weather Report aims to illustrate the clichés of the four seasons through a visual, contextual and conceptual approach:

In winter, we feel under the weather. We listen to Jeff Buckley and Tom Waits, alone in our rooms, longing for the sun.

In spring, we feel energised, like bears awakening from hibernation, ready to fuck the world(in the good sense).


In summer, we feel lazy. We alternate between looking for a comfortable beach and shade. Life is about nothing else but having laughs and drinking cold white wine.

During autumn, we are reflective and calm. Life is about long walks in the woods and looking at nature’s beautiful hues as the season goes toward winter again.


Lia Araújo

Chaves PT

MED 22

Mads Vine

Skive DK

MED 22


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Magazine Design

  • Desislava Danova
  • Melissa Gómez
  •  MED 20

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