War Owned

ADG Laus 2021


War Owned

Data Experience

  • Jordi Farreras
  •  MADD 20

War is something that, as humans, is owned by all of us, but we don’t connect with it. We see these numbers, but we don’t care about the people who are behind that war. We don’t care about how much we are contributing to it.

Why are we still having wars since violence is a tool we don’t need anymore since we can converse?

We tolerate war. We pay for it. But we don’t relate to it.

Data about war should be communicated more adequately.

These three statements generate the pillars of this project: Moral, Money, and Love. With the Augmented Reality exhibition based in Barcelona, and three different books compiling the research and curious facts have been designed to highlight war in a way we can better understand.



Jordi Farreras

Barcelona ES



María Fabuel

Pau Garcia

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