Damián ‘Mich’ Micenmacher,

  • MVD

Teaches professional development and presentation skills

Curious by nature, I broke my Playmobil pirate ship the day it was given to me. I learned about audiovisual interaction, service design, musical production and NLP in various classrooms. Companies such as Apple, Primavera Sound, and Mediapro filled my pantry for many years yet I still avoid defining myself through a specific label. Explorer? As I continue my path into the future, I help professionals in creative industries to uncover who they want to be when they grow up and how to be heard. I fervently believe that pizza can solve (almost) anything.

“Let’s create experiences through questions that lead us to astonishing reflections and inspiring silences. Let’s observe with multiple viewpoints, taking ourselves less seriously. Let’s move forward without obsessing over futurisms. Let’s look for ways that lead us to exponential results so that our learning is not reduced to the options of a hamburger combo. And if in the end it turns out that reality is stranger than fiction, let’s have the humility and patience to rewrite the questions.”

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