Pablo Juncadella, Mucho

Senior Design Critic

Co-founder and creative director of Mucho. Thanks to his constant search for new challenges, Pablo was promoted to the position of Creative Director of the English newspaper The Observer after working as a graphic designer for major international design studios. His global vision and his great interest in visual knowledge have been fundamental contributions to the growth of the studio. Today, together with his team at Mucho, he works with the goal of finding solutions that fit into the positioning of brands by contributing original ideas.

Mucho is an international strategic design studio. It integrates branding, creative strategy and transmedia design to build visual narratives that transform a brand’s culture. The studio works on global projects from its offices in Barcelona, San Francisco, New York, Paris and Melbourne. Mucho promotes collective intelligence and multicultural exchange in the search for emotional images with which to renew our conceptions of the world.

“Facing a design project in its entirety is never a linear process, it means having “a finger in every pie” while designing. The MDV is specifically designed to enhance the ability to design, taking into account the implications that this design will have on all communication environments. It is particularly interesting to observe how these implications can modulate and alter design decisions”.

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