Ricard Sunyol, Codea

  • MADD

Guides the Data Communication project

Graduated in Cinema by the URL. Master’s Degree in Literary Creation at the UPF. Founder, creative and copywriter at Codea Studio. Aspiring writer. Smoker and film buff. Mythomaniac. Culé. Dylanist, Stalinist and Fellinian. Redhead. Nobody finishes films better than Woody Allen. Three books: “Franny & Zooey”; “Something supposedly fun that I will never do again” and “Picadura de Barcelona”.

“I teach subjects related to communication and advertising, focusing on new formats and new narratives. The classes are 50% theoretical and 50% practical, and aim to train creators who are capable of thinking about the world and representing it. The subjects draw from communication and advertising, but also from cinema, literature or art history. Both at Codea Studio and in the classes we believe in communication of a social and cultural nature, with high doses of drama, risk, humor and absurdity.”

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