Sílvia Escursell,

  • MVD
  • MED

Runs the Graphic Workshop sessions in the MVD and the MED, teaches about Materials for Packaging in the MBP

She worked as a graphic designer for several years in different design studios and advertising agencies in Barcelona and London. But she was really passionate about being a technical consultant in materials for graphic designers and advertising agencies at Fedrigoni Group. As a freelancer she co-founded The Curious.Link to experiment with materials, interaction and technology. She currently collaborates with ipacklab as a materials consultant, a platform focused on packaging, sustainability and innovation. 

Her line of research focuses on the design and application of circular lignocellulose materials in the packaging sector related to e-commerce. She was part of the Creatathon Grand Prix with the project Drip Drop Kit for BASF, a sensor kit for water saving in agriculture. He also participated in a project on biodiversity in collaboration with the CCCB led by the artist Natalie Jeremijenko and Josep Perelló entitled “Environmental Health Clinic XBarcelona”.

“I feel that we are in a very privileged time to be able to question everything that has been established and to investigate or develop new ways of working, thinking and creating. The world of materials is exciting and increasingly broad and rich to discover. They allow us to communicate and connect emotionally with users, and they must also be sustainable. Therefore, it is important to take them into account from the initial design phase and from the matter of care”.

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