Marc Conangla, 16 Times

  • MADD

Guide the Data Collection project

Marc Conangla is a product designer with a multidisciplinary mindset. Always in between physical and digital design, connecting and getting the best of both worlds. Passionate about new technologies and digital fabrication tools, he has been working for many years on the development of new consumer experiences and products for global brands. In the last few years he has focused on widening his vision as a designer with a dimension that contemplates fundamental needs for human beings and society. 

He currently leads 16 Times, a company with the mission of building tools to analyze, visualize and improve indoor air quality and the impact it has on our health. 16 Times is a team of scientists, researchers and designers committed to ensure a clean indoor air for everyone, especially when they need it the most. 

16 Times is a spin-off of Domestic Data Streamers, an open studio that creates meaningful connections between information and people, by bringing emotions and simplifying complex data.  

“Our role as designers is no longer to shape new objects, but to analyze the implications that this entails, in order to optimize them at an environmental and social level”

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