Master Project

  • Reinaldo Camejo
  • Víctor Ortiz Malagón
  •  MDV 23

In the present era, marked by an ever-accelerating integration of cutting-edge technologies and the ubiquitous presence of the Internet, the safeguarding of our personal data has emerged as an overarching and pressing priority. Within this expansive landscape, the founding of DataWatchdog stands as a fundamental pillar dedicated to ensuring the utmost transparency and ethical utilization of personal information in the vast digital expanse.

Our resolute vision is anchored in a future where individuals wield unequivocal authority over their privacy. Through our unified endeavors, we endeavor not merely to confer privacy as a privilege but to enshrine it as an essential and unassailable human right, an indispensable cornerstone of a progressive and equitable society.


Reinaldo Camejo

La Habana CU

MDV 23

Víctor Ortiz Malagón

Lleida ES

MDV 23


David Galar

Toni Llàcer

Roseta Mus Pons

Javier Pereda

Pol Pérez

Xavier Roca

Malva Sawada

Marc Torrell

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