Master Project

  • Alessandra Carta
  • Lúa Climent
  •  MDV 23

Dirty tables, lack of protocol, and improvised dinners in secret locations. Overtable organizes a series of dinners, where groups of strangers will gather to cook together, eat together, and share an after-dinner conversation. Overtable is a project that uses gastronomy as a common thread between people, with the purpose of uniting young strangers around a table, to enjoy the magical moment of “la sobremesa”.

Precisely, this Spanish tradition inspires the naming of Overtable, a name that has the mission of universalizing this moment, making it accessible to everyone, no matter their nationality. ​​​​​​​Because sometimes all you need to connect with people, is sharing a table together.


Alessandra Carta

Posada IT

MDV 23

Lúa Climent

Valencia ES

MDV 23


David Galar

Toni Llàcer

Roseta Mus Pons

Javier Pereda

Pol Pérez

Xavier Roca

Malva Sawada

Marc Torrell

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